We measure our success on the value our clients place upon our services.

Recently, I asked one of the Human Resource Directors if she wouldn't mind sharing the benefits having onsite PT for their employees. Her words- "do you have all day to listen.." She put a few of her thoughts on paper to share-

Reasons to have on site Physical Therapy:

  1. 1.Employees are more likely to attend therapy. Previously, the majority of our employees would not leave work to travel to a therapist and then return back to work. Since we have on site therapy 100% of our injured employees attend and complete therapy sessions.
  2. 2.Cost to employees is less. They do not need to leave the work premises and travel.
  3. 3.Cost to employer is less. We do not loose the production for the time the employee would have taken to travel to and from appointments.
  4. 4.The therapists get to know our employees and staff. Employees are familiar with the therapy staff and a rapport is created.
  5. 5.The therapists are very knowledgeable of their jobs and functions. Therapists can better treat employees by knowing first hand what is expected of them and what their functions are.

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